Noble Work's Plans and Accomplishments

​​​" Noble, Mobile and Global "

​About Noble Work

​​​Our Nonprofit Organization

​Daily Operations

​Noble Work was established in March 2017 with the intent to help those who have been afflicted by a natural disaster. Noble Work is partnering with Good 360 to help send supplies to local, national and international disaster areas.
Hence-"Noble, Mobile and Global"
​​We reach out to other nonprofits and organizations in our area to provide our services, ideas and a lending hand. Noble Work helps feed, donates supplies and clothing to disaster areas and the homeless. We also donate linens and other items to local shelters. Last Christmas Noble Work and Angel's Arms took a truck load of toys to children in 2 low income housing areas and a day care in Birmingham. Then assisted in handing out toys to children at Rim Tymes in Roebuck.
​​Each day our President, Board Members and Volunteers work tirelessly to find corporate sponsors and donors to help us fulfill our goals and promises. Weekly we fundraise and apply for grants to carry on our indispensable programs. 

​Our Goals

​Noble Work Thrift Store

Noble Work's Goal is to get as many homeless veterans off the streets as possible and keep them off the streets. We want to open one homeless shelter in each city that needs additional shelter space, with a resource center that helps them with obtaining, social security cards, birth certificates, id's, finding permanent housing, employment, trade skills, computer skills, counseling, and finding family members.
​Noble Work Thrift Store's purpose is to reduce waste, reuse housewares and repurpose clothing. Reducing waste in our landfills, recycling cans, and trash provides our neighborhoods with fresh, cleaner air to breathe. Planting trees in our communities with our children teaches them responsibility for their part and giving back. Our thrift store provides in-store vouchers for housewares and clothing to those who have had a tornado or a home fire. The thrift store will also provide our displaced military veterans employment with the help of "Forever and Always Patriots." The thrift store will be open by the end of April 2019.
​Please feel free to drop your donations off at the store at any time. Thank you, Carol

​​​Our Programs

​​Noble Work's Homeless Outreach Program delivers sleeping bags, back packs with hygiene products, warm clothing, shoes and hot meals and provides employment and housing to our veterans. Our Disaster Program teaches and raises awareness on disaster preparedness and in disaster situations in schools, the work place and our communities. In the near future we have a plan to start a Future CEO Program. This program will be for single mothers to learn all aspects of philanthropy and opening a nonprofit organization. This program will take 1 1/2 yrs to finish. Our Candy Cane Wishes Program provides toys to Foster Children for Christmas.

​Our Green Responsibilty

Reducing waste by recycling, repurposing and reimaging household products and clothing. This is just a start to having cleaner, fresher air in our communities and teaching our children to take their part by planting trees. Noble Work is working with Alabama Power by using more solar and wind power in our buildings. 

​​Noble Work Mission and Vision Statement

                     Mission Statement                                                                                                                                                                             Vision Statement
​​​Becoming  a Global Citizen who identifies with being a part of an emerging world and whose actions contribute to building it's communitites values and practices
​​​​To become globally recognized, valued and indispensable to the communities we serve.

​What People are Saying about Noble Work

​My brother in Africa
   My house caught on fire
​​My kids needed Christmas
​"My brother lives in a very poor area in Africa where shoes and clothing are hard to get. He only has one pair of pants and one shirt. He has no shoes. So, I reached out to Mrs. Jones and told her that we can only ship like new clothing to my brother and I could not afford the clothes or shipping cost. She was so kind to help me with both. I tried to give her a donation but she refused to take my money. My family truly appreciates  what she has done for us.

Thank you, Miss Jones 
​Shirley G.
​When my house caught on fire I had no idea what i was going to do. The children had no clothes to wear to school, the baby had no diapers and my husband had no work clothes. We had used what little money we had to stay in a hotel. We didn't have much left to eat on and did not know where to turn. Luckily we lived right down the street from Noble Work. They gave us everything we needed at the moment and helped us to find some shelter to stay in until we could find another home.

Many Thanks, Donna S..
​​A month before Christmas my husband fell down the stairs and broke his leg so he couldn't work and I am a stay at home mother of three young children. We had our childrens christmas on layaway and did not know what we were going to do about getting it out. We really don't have any family to help. We live in low income housing in the city. The children and I just so happened to walk outside and Santa was standing right there on the corner handing out presents to all the children in the neighborhood. Oh my, I couldn't believe my eyes. The kids were so excited. Not only did we get presents for the kids but for me and my husband too. It was so wonderful what  Noble Work and Santa did for us last year.​I will never for get it.

​Bless all of you at Noble Work, Lequetta J. 
​Please Watch this Video
​  It is so compelling, you will want to volunteer!!
​​​        " Be the Change "


​ Angels Arms Ministries

​Supporting U.S. Military Veterans

​​​  Noble Sacrifice Poem
​Created by Carol Bills Jones-President of Noble Work

My Pops said "It'll make a man out of me, Noble men make history"
"But, I'm only seventeen, fresh out of school"
This wasn't my plan, to leave and take a noble stand
Beside me are America's best, with uncertaintanty, reluctancy and fear
Digging trenches for our protection in a place so full of strife
As machine guns rattle when we go into battle
We see flashes of lights, as bullets fly by, in the darkest of nights
With echoing in my ears, I hear my friends whaling, waning and tears
As dawn appears and the smoke starts to clear
We weep for the thousands who have sacrificed that night
For these young men shall never grow old, nor their best stories ever be told
Why did I survive this trecherous fight?
Each day I feel pain, hostility and disaccord
Fighting to survive the war in my head, which always finds me once more
Drinking to forget the horrible things I've seen
Is this my punishment?
To live with these afflictions for what I have I done
One arm, one leg and a missing thumb
Living on snow covered streets in plastic bags and a box
Some people stare and some people look away and walk
They don't dare to help me or just to say, Hey!
Are they truly thankful for what I did that day?
As, I ask for a dollar to eat, with alchohol on my breath and anguish on my face
They say they can't help me today
Which, often means not even tomorrow!

 Noble Work Hires Heroes

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Images of Noble Work's Fundraisers,        Events and Accomplishments

  1. Project Homeless
    Project Homeless
  2. Santa in the Community
    Santa in the Community
  3. Noble Work's Santa at Daycare in Birmingham, Al
    Noble Work's Santa at Daycare in Birmingham, Al
  4. Feeding the Homeless in Birmingham, Alabama
    Feeding the Homeless in Birmingham, Alabama
  5. Desmond Ball Player Giving Toys
    Desmond Ball Player Giving Toys
  10. Flag Ceremony for Veterans Who Served
    Flag Ceremony for Veterans Who Served