Membership Opportunities-Sponsorship, Donor Society and Legacy Society

      Corporate Sponsorships

 Corporate Donors

Donor Society
​​Legacy Society
​​Noble Work is always looking for new inventive ways to celebrate and challenge ourselves. If you have an idea or would like to sponsor one of our special events. We will be more than happy to accomodate you and your organization.
Please call us at 205-597-2775 to discuss how we can help you
​​​Noble Work does fundraising all year long but, sometimes that just isn't enough to carry on our outreach programs. We would like to tell you about our Donor Society. You can become a donor and acquire status by donating monthly, bi-annually and annually. 
​Please call us at 205-597-2775 to discuss how we can help you
​​Noble Work can help you make a difference. 
​You can help your community with equitable access for emergency services by planning for a future gift.
​Getting started is easy.
Planned giving can use life insurance policies, real estate, stocks, retirement funds and cash assets. It supports the causes close to your heart and can provide you with multiple benefits.
​Please call us at 205-597-2775 to discuss how we can help you

Want to Become a Board Member?

​Being on the Board of Directors is a privilege and also looks great on a resume. Noble Work is always looking for fresh, qualified, creative, influential individuals to be on our board. If you feel that Noble Work is the right place for you to grow as an philanthropist and as an individual. Please feel free to apply or give us a call.

​​​Noble Work's Gold Standard Team

​Committee Members
​Jasmaine Sanders
Neka Harris
​Joy Curtis
​Tanieka Royster

​Board of Directors
​​​Brandi Looper
Jennifer Harrell
​Richard Anderson
​Deborah Dickinson
​Angelica Cummins

​President-Carol Bills Jones

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